Water Dispute Background

California Water Rights and Procedures - Water Resources Control Board Feb. 1975

Water Policy Task Force SCAG Memo 12/09/2004

Objection to Plaintiff Willis' Case Management Statement

Groundwater Rights Adjudicated Map (be patient, it's a very large file)

The following is an intro to 'AGWA 2007 Sign-Up Materials' By Gene Nebeker

"The goals of our group should represent those of practically any pumper, regardless of their size. 

I am still working on the costs and they depend on how many new members join our group.  At his time, they appear to be minimal (3% of the legal bills per 1000 AF/yr pumped or for small pumpers a minimum of 1% of the legal bill)  providing some of your individuals do not have problems that have to be specifically researched or advocated..  In that case, Hatch & Parent will charge by the hour and go ahead must be given by that person before any added costs will be incurred. 

The facilitator hopes to have a stipulated judgment to the Court in April of this year, so time is running." 

AGWA 2007 Sign-Up Materials


        Some Links to Expand Your Understanding  (Thank You Brenda Avadian)

http://www.waterrights.ca.gov/forms/app-geninfo.pdf   (Definitions of terms, 19 pages)

http://www.waterrights.ca.gov/html/wr_process.htm   ( Water rights laws and info, few pages)

http://www.scefiling.org/filingdocs/193/endorse_206__0922141620_001.pdf  (Background of this water case 2005, 25 pages—meat of filing starts on page 12)

http://www.scefiling.org/cases/docket/docket.jsp?caseId=19 (Participants involved in this adjudication and their attys, Scroll half way down for links to each of the filings.)

http://www.sccomplex.org/calendar/docalendar.jsp?futureOnly=no&e_casenum=1-05-CV-049053&adminParam=false, (Overview without links to the past and upcoming hearings)